Maize (Zea mays), or corn, is among the most genetically variable crop species, which makes it a model organism in science and important in agriculture. This site is curated by HW Bass and students at FSU with many inputs, including JDOSTERPHOTO.COM.  Collections and items are from public outreach activities featuring maize genetics, supported by the NSF Plant Genome Research Program awards to HWB (NSF IOS 0321639, 1025954, 1444532, and 2025811).

The filenames include genetic map positions. For example, "3.027" is the location of a gene on chromosome 3 at linkage map postion 27 centiMorgans. We name files this way becuase our #maize10maze projecdt is based on this "chromological order" in which mutants are sorted according to their location on one of the ten chromosomes of maize. Select favorite mutants are includded here, but there are hundreds more maize mutants known and studied world wide. Mutants cause different, interesting, and sometimes bizarre phenotypes (appearances).

These naturally occurring mutants were discovered 50-100 years ago, and still used today to learn about plant biology in research labs. Each mutation tells a fascinating story with links to more information present in the collections and items. You are invited to explore the maize genome througth the lens of mutations - and see why we say that "maize mutatns are super cool!"

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